Customs Services Ireland

Customs Consultancy

We will carry out a fully customised review of your business and its supply chain, in order to give you a concise list of actions to take to meet your requirements.

Commodity Classification

We will assist in correctly classifying goods and what measures and tariffs apply.

Import Declaration

We identify the correct Customs procedure and any licences or supplementary conditions that are required and submit the declaration via our software.

Export Declaration

We identify the correct Customs procedure and any licences or supplementary conditions that are required and submit the declaration via our software. We ensure that each shipment has the appropriate documents for the destination country.

Transit Declaration

Using the NCTS we can apply for the relevant Transit and assist is securing a guarantee.

Binding Tariff Information

We will apply to Revenue  for Binding tariff information if a client needs certainty on a duty rate. BTI is legally binding for 3 years.

Rules of Origin

We will help you answer queries in relation to rules of origin and determine the most beneficial treatment whilst keeping you compliant.

Intrastat and Vies

We can look after your monthly intrastat and vies returns and let you concentrate on adding value to your business.

What is Intrastat?

Intrastat is the system that states of the EU use for collecting statistics on the movement of goods between those states. It does not apply to services. It only applies to EU states. The general concept of intra-EU trade statistics is independent from the ownership of the goods. It concerns only their physical movement.

These Trade statistics are an essential part of the balance of payments account and are regarded as an economic indicator of the performance of the country in any given period. The statistics are used by government departments to set overall trade policy, generate initiatives on new trade areas and assessment of goods movements to plan for future transport infrastructure needs.

The private sector can analyse the statistics to assess the market place in order to gauge import penetration and also to use the information on new market places for their goods. Summary Intrastat information is also used by International bodies such as Eurostat, United Nations and the International Monetary Fund.

Why is Intrastat Necessary?

The Single EU market came about in 1993. This brought with it the free movement of EU goods and less complex official requirements. As a result, Intrastat was introduced to simplify documentation and provide a vehicle for control and collection of trade statistics. All VAT registered traders must complete 2 boxes on their VAT Return to account for Imports / Exports to other EU Countries. Traders with imports from other EU member states exceeding EUR 500,000 annually and/or exports to other EU member states exceeding EUR 635,000 annually must complete the detailed monthly Intrastat return.

Easy Customs can help you with your Intrastat requirements

The administrative burden on companies can be difficult for many SME and medium size enterprises. Especially so if a small team becomes stretched due to a member of staff being off on leave for a period of time.

With our knowledge and up to date software we can manage this process for you on a basis that fits in with your requirements on a short term or full time basis.

Outsourcing of this administrative process will give you and your staff more time to focus on your businesses core activities. 

Perhaps your large company has an Irish subsidiary and you need local help in dealing with the Irish authorities. We are experts in dealing with UK and ROI instrastat requirements. field and we cater for all types of businesses from multinational companies, financial institutions, UK/Europe based companies with Irish branches and local importers and exporters.

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